Sunday, 5 July 2015 personalised phone case

*GoCustomized were kind enough to send me this phone case for free in return for a review. This does not effect my opinions or what is written in the review*

When got in touch with me and offered me a personalised phone case to review it couldn't have been better timing. My iPhone six was currently going around naked as my Victoria's Secret Pink phone case was sillcone and had stretched and got on my nerves because it stopped me easily sliding my phone into the pocket of my uniform or my jeans (unecessary info there, enjoy...) I was so excited to review a lovely new case and it took me an age to decide what photo to put on it!

I went for the iPhone 6 full wrap hard case and I chose one of my favourite photos from California that I'd taken. Making your own phone case is such a novelty and it was a real fun experience! do a whole range of different cases for different devices and this definitely won't be the last thing I order from them as I'm so so happy with the finished product! It was so easy to do, I just uploaded my photo straight from Instagram, made sure I was happy with the design and voila! I could've added words but I love the simplicity of my photo and actually it's a photo that speaks volumes to me so I don't need extra quotes on top. 

It came so quickly considering it's a personalised product and, to my surprise, it has a matte effect. I was expecting it to be shiny and I'm so happy it's not because it's a really lovely finish!  
For £19.95 I don't think it's bad at all, I've paid a lot more than that for phone cases half the quality. I can already tell this case won't scratch easily and it will protect my phone if I should drop it (touch wood goddamit!!) Having had this case for a couple of weeks now I can confirm that it does, infact protect the shit out my phone! I'm the clumsiest person around and my phone suffers a lot for that, but this case has really stood up against that, I'm so impressed!!
The only thing about the whole process that I have to say negatively is that I could not get the site to work properly on my mobile. However, I'm assured this is being sorted and actually it was simple to do on my laptop too I'm just an on the go type of person! 

What would you put on a personalised case? 

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