Monday, 11 May 2015

Motivate Monday; this weeks goals!

I'm going to try out a series on this blog, something I've never done before. I know most people dread Monday's so I want to try and get into the habit of embracing the fresh week and setting goals for the week to come!  

Goal 1: blog more! 
I want to really get going with my blog this week, take photos, schedule posts and promote, promote, promote. 

Goal 2: keep healthy and active. 
My tough mudder race is in less than 3 weeks now so there isn't really time to rest. I already run and eat fairly healthy but it doesn't take much to push me off the wagon so I really need to commit this week and make a serious commitment. 

Goal 3: get rid of the old. 
I've got a lot of clothes and not a lot of space so I really need to start ebaying/depoping all those barely worn dresses! 

Goal 4: keep positive. 
This will be my hardest goal to achieve and one that can't be satisfied in a week. But I'll make small changes to my thoughts and hopefully they'll start to reflect in my days. 

What are your goals for the week? 


  1. This week my goals are to start and finish my last EVER assignment, look for a graduate job (scary!) and also get scheduled for the full week with the blog! I'm also trying to keep healthy and active, let's motivate each other! :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    1. yay, it always helps to have someone motivate you! I nearly went running tonight but I think I'm going to relax and catch up with my blog instead... it's allowed because it's on my goals! hehe. Thanks Rebecca :) xx


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