Saturday, 9 May 2015

Semi- permanent makeup by Polly Vincent. Lips!

Back in January when I had some spare birthday cash and a slightly irresponsible view on life (who am I kidding, that will never change!) I booked in to see the AMAZING Polly Vincent of Enhance to get my eyebrows and lips semi- permanently tattooed onto my face. This sounds super dramatic but it's so not. My reasoning behind it was threefold: 1) why the hell not 2) I'll never have to pencil my eyebrows in again (hallelujah) and 3) I can frolic in the sea whilst travelling (and sweat, nice) without worrying about my eyebrows sliding off. Never what you want!
So, I messaged Polly via her Facebook page and she immediately got back to me with a super helpful reply including pricings, timings and info on the procedure. Basically all the stuff you need to know. Without hesitation I paid my deposit and booked in to see her. 
My first procedure was on my lips. Based in Lowestoft, Suffolk Polly is super easy to find. Her premesis is calm, clean and professional- exactly what you want when choosing someone to poke needles in your face! We sat down and had a good chat about what I wanted. My lips were already very pigmented, but my top lip was much thinner than my fat bottom lip so together we came up with the perfect shade for me and also the perfect shape. Polly is the most friendly and professional person I've ever met. I instantly felt like we'd been friends for years and trusted her implicitly. Polly is Harley Street trained and a total perfectionist so I felt really safe in her hands. 
Once the outline was on my lips and we were both happy, my lips were completely numbed and Polly got to work. It felt like a sharp buzzing on my lips but wasn't unbearable at all. It took much less time than I thought and the end result was...well, see for yourself!


Now this is immediately after the procedure. My lips are visibly swollen here and the colour is super bright. I was reassured that neither of these effects would last long and I skipped off to pout my way home! 
Now, I'm not going to lie to you- the healing of these bad boys ain't a pretty sight and probably the worst part of the whole thing. Think scabby and puffy and weepy. Yum yum! 

Slightly unevenly swollen, a day after. 

Here is a few days after, taken at work. You can see the colour change and the scabs- I told people I'd had an allergic reaction! That's what it looked like and it was pretty hard to hide. If I could have these again I'd definitely do it in a period where I didn't have to go into work!! But after the first couple of days, once the scabs had started to flake (hardest thing of my life trying not to pick them!) it was much easier. Polly had warned me that the colour wouldn't be immediately visible so I almost forgot I'd had them done! I went back for a top-up a few weeks later and then a week or two after that is when I really saw the colour come out.

This is me now with nothing on my lips but lip balm. 

the shape is perfect and the colour is subtle but enough that I don't need to constantly worry about topping up my lipstick. I wake up in the morning and feel half decent. It's a joy! I loved the result so much I booked straight back in to get my eyebrows done. More on that in the next post! What do you think? Would you have semi-permanent makeup done? 

Please be sure to check out Polly's website here! And her Instagram @sincerelypolly 💋



  1. Before I read this post I would have said that no, I wouldn't have semi-permanent makeup but you've totally changed my view on it! I would definitely think about it now if I were going travelling, or, and this is a bit of weird one, if I'd just had a baby and knew I would still want to look & feel nice but knew I wouldn't have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. Really interesting post!
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    1. Honestly, I never considered it before either but its made such a difference, especially my eyebrows! It's a relief to not have to consider pencilling them in every day and my lips are a little extra luxury that make me feel a bit more together :) thanks Rebecca! xx


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