Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Current favourites

I love these sort of posts as I get to see what it is that other people are really rating at the minute. 

My current favourites are a mix of old and new. The Bobbi Brown foundation stick is an old favourite that has resurfaced. With medium coverage and a super blend able texture I love to use this on my no makeup- makeup days just to add an extra flawless look to my skin. 

My Dr.PawPaw beauty balm hasn't left my pocket since it arrived on my doorstep! Read my review here. 

The Chanel Rouge Coco Balm is an old favourite in a new shade. I'm a long time lover of 'boy' and when I saw this gorgeous, slightly pinker more summery offering of 'Intime' I couldn't resist. It's just so pretty to wear and feels so luxurious. Who doesn't love whacking out a Chanel product like its nothing? 

My most recent love is this bourjois Aqua blush. I haven't had a lot of time to play around properly with it yet but, used sparingly with a duo fiber brush it gives the most natural flush of colour and I'm dying to go back and get the nude shade!! 

So these are my current loves. Have you tried any? What are yours? 


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  1. Whats the korres product? I like korres although a lot of their stuff contains wheat annoyingly!


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