Monday, 15 June 2015

Dr.PawPaw beauty balm

*Dr. PawPaw kindly sent me this sample to review, this hasn't affected my opinion of the product or my review :) * 

My name is Abigail and I am a lip bam addict. phew it feels good to get that off my chest. At any one time there will be at least 3 lip balms on my person and I'm obsessed with not having dry lips! Don't tell me I'm alone here?! 

When Dr. PawPaw sent me this magical balm I was overjoyed. I've heard a lot of good stuff about this brand and I've wanted to try it for a while. Not only is it great for lips, it's amazing for dry skin, cuticles and anything else you can think of. It contains Aloe Vera, Olive Oil and fermented Papaya and has such a lovely consistency, but surprisingly no overpowering smell or taste!
As a girl who's tried a lot of lip balms I can verify that this formula is a dream. It's long lasting, glides on smoothly but it isn't glossy or sticky at all, so it'd be great for men who don't like that look too. The benefits of it last for ages unlike some balms that stop working once they've sunk in! My lips feel smooth, soft and hydrated. Honestly, it's true love. 

You can get Dr. PawPaw from Selfridges, urban outfitters and asos. I'm dying to try the other shades so I will definitely be making an order soon! Have you tried Dr. PawPaw? Will you?! 

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  1. This sounds great! My lips have been super dry lately. Love your blog header btw!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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